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Why Choose Us


We insist on using high quality parts with TOYOTA & DENSO Original Parts, ensuring durability and achieving zero failure!

Process of Service & Maintainance

By carry out the maintenance according to SOP procedure designed by the company. A simple and sequential approach can get things done quickly and avoid inadvertences.

1. Fender Cover
2. Open the oil filer cap
3. Take our the air filter & cabin filter
4. Disassemble the OSN & Oil Filter when the vehicel is lifted up
5. Take time to check each tire pressure and add it directly

The maintenance service is not only about changing the oil, but also includes 19 SAFETY CHECKPOINTS and writing reports (serious problems must be notified to the customer immediately).

• Electronic systems
• Tyres
• Lights
• Underbody
• Horn
• Brakes (visual inspection)
• Wipers
• Battery (visual inspection)
• Fluids
• Air conditioning system
Commissioning • Report • Explaning • Solution

The staff will go to the test run with the customer and record the problem, then explain the seriousness of the problem to the customer, and then give the solution. If the customer cannot repair in time due to time or money problems, we will write a report on the bill.

This move is to protect both parties. The staff has informed the customer of the fault problem. If the customer does not change, the company will not take any responsibility for any accident.

The customer could clearly know what other problems he had, and assisted him in estimating the cost of the next maintenance. It also prevents cheating from other repair shops.

On the third day after maintenance, employees would WhatsApp or make a call about the situation of the car enthusiastically. If there were any questions or dissatisfaction, he had to arrange an appointment to carry me back.

MD AUTO Toyota Specialist Malaysia has started since year 2006. The owner Kenny has 15 years experience in Toyota Mechanical Skills & has an achievement of being the the customer choice as Toyota Recon Luxury specialist for Toyota Vellfire, Alphard, Estima, Harrier & many more.

Professional Tools

Professional infomation

Professional Skill

Toyota Vellfire Specialist

Quality Control ´╝łTRIPLE CHECK)

After the maintenance is completed, we will carry out triple inspection to ensure that there is no inadvertence before returning the vehicle to the customer. We will try our best to reach the zero fault standard to ensure the safety of customers!

• Use high quality products
• Professional knowledge
• Professional instrument
• Professional skills

In addition, we also assisted the customer with the TECHNICAL REPORT of carrying the steam enthusiastically, so that the customer could understand more about the problem and assisted him in avoiding the difficulty.
(The report will be recorded on the receipt. The key point is that employees will fulfill their duties and responsibilities. The maintenance decision rests with the customer.)
Good Customer Service

MD Auto has two Vellfire DEMO cars, which are free of charge for customers to experience the difference between the improved and the added products. During the test, we will better understand the needs of customers and give professional suggestions. The purpose is to let the customer experience in the satisfaction of the situation before deciding whether to install, to avoid the customer regret after installation. We do not consume compulsively, just do our duty to convey information to the customer, the right to buy lies with the customer.

We also had a DEMO set of products, which enabled customers to experience the performance of steam enthusiastically and assisted them in introducing more knowledge and benefits to the product.

• Vehicle Safety Bar
• EVA Coil Spring Buffer
• Kz Wide Tread Spacer
• Kz ETC-sport ,Qmax LV turbo
• Kz Ignition Enhancer,Qmax cyclone
• Kz Waterless Coolant, door seal rubber
• Kz Brake System





MD Auto has a showroom with a collection of broken parts for customers to visit and share. Educate the customer on how to avoid serious damage caused by negligence, such as:
• What accident caused the destruction of the brake tray?
• The engine is hot but the gauge doesn't say?
• What are the common problems of AGH 30 and how to prevent them?
• What's wrong with ACR50 air conditioner? When should it be serviced?
• What is the right way to drive to reduce the breakdown?
• What products can be added to reduce the occurrence of problems?


Security report • 22 CCTV • 24 hour surveillance

Suggest customers to take away their value items to ensure customer and company protection.

• Every car that stays more than one day must sign a security report, which records such things as collisions, scratches, cracked mirrors, etc.
• We will bear the loss of the car due to negligence
• We don't allow customers to damage the car themselves

Competitive Price

• High quality product
• Professional skill
• Professional Equipment
• Professional Knowledge
• Comfortable environment
• High quality service
• Responsible
• Gurantee
• Specialized services
• Resonable Price


Comments and recognition from customers

Due to the propaganda on the internet and customer recommendation, many of the customers that came from neighboring countries will make an appointment with MD Auto. In the customer's perception, MD Auto is the expert in repairing Toyota.

MD Auto has also been named as #VELLFIRE SPECIALIST

Special offers for joining MD Member

• 10% discount for maintenance service
• 10% discount on specific products
• Giveaways preferred (if any)
• Invited to participate in our EVENT

*Membership card for whole Malaysia

Free MD Auto Sticker

• Beautify
• Clues to the whereabouts of the thieves
• Clues to the crime committed by the outlaws
• Support
• MD Auto staff will help when the car on the road is greeted with an MD Auto Sticker.