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Engine Balance Shaft Noise

LEXUS TOYOTA VELLFIRE | ALPHARD Engine Knocking Noise (Balance Shaft Cracked )

12 Nov 2023

Balance Shaft Failure, knocking sound in a cool run. Common problem for Toyota Estima/Velfire/ Alphard/ Camry. This will caused vibration due to the inconsistance timing. Worst case will damage the engine.

Unveiling Toyota Engine Balance Shaft Issues: Symptoms and Solutions


Toyota vehicles are renowned for their reliability, but even the most robust engines can encounter issues. One critical component that can pose problems is the balance shaft. In this article, we'll delve into the symptoms of a malfunctioning Toyota Engine Balance Shaft and provide clear solutions for a smooth ride.

Understanding the Balance Shaft:

The balance shaft in a Toyota engine plays a crucial role in reducing vibrations and ensuring a smoother driving experience. It counteracts the inherent vibrations caused by the engine's reciprocating motion, enhancing overall performance.

Symptoms of Balance Shaft Issues:

  1. Unusual Vibrations:

    • Symptom: Excessive vibrations that weren't present before.
    • Solution: Schedule a comprehensive inspection to identify balance shaft irregularities. Replacement may be necessary if damage is detected.
  2. Engine Noise:

    • Symptom: Uncharacteristic noises, such as rattling or knocking.
    • Solution: Promptly address any unusual sounds by consulting a qualified mechanic. Noises can indicate misalignment or wear in the balance shaft assembly.
  3. Decreased Engine Performance:

    • Symptom: Reduced power, sluggish acceleration.
    • Solution: Conduct a thorough examination of the balance shaft's functioning. Cleaning or replacing the shaft, if necessary, can restore optimal performance.
  4. Vibrations at Different Speeds:

    • Symptom: Vibrations occurring at specific RPM ranges.
    • Solution: An inspection focusing on balance shaft alignment is crucial. Adjustments or replacement might be required for smooth operation

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