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Toyota Agh30 Air cold Not Cold | Rear Servo Motor Problem

Toyota Agh30 Air cold Not Cold | Rear Servo Motor Problem

13 Oct 2023

Title: Toyota AGH30 Rear Air Conditioning Servo Motor Malfunction

In Toyota AGH30 models equipped with rear air conditioning systems, there are two servo motors responsible for controlling various aspects of the system. These servo motors play a critical role in regulating air distribution and temperature, ensuring passenger comfort. However, like any mechanical component, they can develop faults over time.

One common issue associated with these servo motors is a malfunction in their operation. When such a malfunction occurs, the rear air conditioning system may not perform as expected. The primary solutions to address this problem involve either performing a computer-based calibration or replacing the faulty servo motor.

  1. Computer Calibration: A computer-based calibration procedure involves using specialized diagnostic equipment to reconfigure the servo motor settings. This recalibration process aims to restore the proper functionality of the servo motor, ensuring it accurately controls air distribution and temperature. It is a non-invasive and cost-effective method to address minor faults.

  2. Replacement: In cases where the servo motor has suffered irreparable damage or calibration does not resolve the issue, replacement becomes the best course of action. Replacing the malfunctioning servo motor with a genuine Toyota part ensures the long-term reliability and efficiency of the rear air conditioning system.

Regular maintenance and timely addressing of servo motor issues are crucial to maintaining a comfortable and efficient rear air conditioning system in Toyota AGH30 models. Consulting a certified Toyota service center is recommended to accurately diagnose and resolve these problems.